Transplant Industries - Tree Sales

We can supply a large range of trees and
palms of all different shapes, sizes and
varieties. We can also arrange mature tree transport and storage

The Specimen Tree Nursery evolved
as an off shoot of the transplanting business.
Often we were transplanting trees on site
and there were trees on the job which were
no longer required and we would be asked
take them to our yard.

From these beginnings the nursery has grown to its present 40 acres site near Sydney with many types of trees and palms.

Peter Wild is the Nursery owner. He has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of tree moving and storage and are very well known within the horticultural industry.

At the Specimen Tree Nursery we can supply a large range of trees including fig trees. Port Jackson Fig ( ficus rubiginosa ) , Hills Fig ( ficus hillii ), Morton Bay Figs ( ficus macrophylla ). We also supply various palm trees which include , Date Palms ( phoenix canariensis ), Livistona Palms ( livistona australis ), Kentia Palm ( howea forsteriana ) and other varieties of mature trees in large pots like, Maple Trees, Frangippani Trees, Crepe Myrtle Trees, Magnolia Trees ( evergreen and deciduous ) Dracaena Draco Trees and Tuckeroo Trees, to name but a few.

We can also arrange mature tree transport and storage.
Our Nursery is not open to the general
public and inspection of our huge range of stock trees is by appointment only.